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During our latest journeys in outer space, we found some previously uncharted space. Colonization ships have been sent to inhabit it with hundreds of thousands of fresh new bytes and nibbles..

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Greetings, traveller !


You have just entered the outer space. Prepare for hyperspace jumps, bumpy roads and maybe some intelligent lifeform.

Though it has been said that there is nothing but emptiness out in the void, this web site will (at least) try to prove them wrong.


In the black hole to the left, you will see some menu options.

Network info will give you general information about the network this server is in.

Statistics contains almost too much of graphs and statistical yadda-yadda. Enjoy.

Services may contain some interesting stuff or then not..

Personal pages contains pages even more personal than this one.

Links contain a picture of the finnish president (what did you expect)..

NOTE: If the menu isn't smooth and doesn't look nice, try a less money-smelling browser.


You are on day 1 of 99 and your location is (approximately). Good luck.