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During our latest journeys in outer space, we found some previously uncharted space. Colonization ships have been sent to inhabit it with hundreds of thousands of fresh new bytes and nibbles..

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Services in outer space


As the server has some extra megahertz to spare, we naturally threw in some services. Some of them are not always available, some have limited access, and so on..


 Unreal Tournament

We didn't wait too long before we put up an Unreal Tournament server. Sometimes we have assault maps and sometimes capture the flag -maps. Most of the maps are standard, some not. Due to our bandwidth, we can only have a maximum of about 8 external players before the ping times start getting high. The server is open for everybody.


 Web server

Another server in the web. Tune in to 83.5 MHz and you'll hear the latest news in streaming audio. :-P